An A1 credit rated company, you can rest assured that when you deal with Elite Embroidery, you are dealing with a reputable supplier whose morals and code of conduct have brought us so far.

How we work

We embroider and print so many varients of product for lots of customers, the days of asking for a logo onto product by its name are long gone. We use a coding system to allow our customers to recognise each logo by a unique code. There are the 3 steps:


Create the Code

We work alongside our customers to create a design library for their exclusive use, so they can have a comprehensive record of what is required for each product application.


Clients Approval

All new embroidery and print codes created are sampled for the customer and sent out for their records and approval. (New customers are generally tutored through this initial process and quickly understand the way things work.  All our work is backed up daily and remotely from the premises every evening).


Records Submitted

Once approved, the code will simply become a repeat job, and the customer has a record of what was supplied and what to request on future work.

A Brief History

Established in 1996 by its current owner, Elite Embroidery began embroidering clothing for a variety of suppliers who needed their products embroidering before reselling to customers. A much less complicated world of clothing decoration existed then. Requirements were more simple than nowadays, the internet and e mails were virtually non existent and machinery we operated, which seemed to be cutting edge technology at the time, was quite basic and much different to the machinery we have available to us today.

In 1996 we began embroidering for the Russell Athletic group and a brand that was being introduced to the UK from America…the brand was a huge success. Coupled with a great working relationship with the customer, Elite Embroidery began to expand their business through the success of their customers.

We were producing a few thousand embroideries each week at this time, and although a small business we were attracting some large companies asking us to embroider their clothing, always on the back of the fact that they had heard of our service within the industry and, often to compete in the market they needed to offer the same service, quality, and pricing as competitors if they wanted to retain, win or grow their businesses.

A lot has changed since those early days, and through the years we have grown on the same basic principles we had back in 1996. A quality product, delivered on time at the right price.

We are proud of the fact that we still have many of the customers we started working with from day one, many who have grown their small businesses into successful large companies through a successful working partnership with Elite Embroidery.We have adapted our business to the various markets through demand and now offer more than just embroidery with a print department offering a variety of ways to decorate pretty much any item. We are known in the trade as a large contract commercial embroidery company, serving everything from PLC’s through to one man bands who have small businesses supplying a variety of sectors of the market.

We don’t pretend to know what we are doing, we really do know what we are doing with our long established business, many years of experience of every sector in the market possible. When you deal with Elite Embroidery you are dealing with a company with a history and reputation for quality, knowledge and service. We re-invest continuously in new equipment to satisfy the customers needs and ensure our production is optimum at all times. We are proud to boast that have grown our business and all of our customers businesses without any advertising, all of our customers have come to us through word of mouth.

Unlike many others, we will be here today and here tomorrow, helping our customers secure business and succeed with the reassurance that we are around for the long term and will use our vast experience to their benefit.

The Future of Embroidery

We embroider and print so many variants of product for lots of customers, the days of asking for a logo onto product by its name are long gone.


We operate a strict confidential service with our customers and staff.